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Whether you need to get rid of an existing structure or excavate a piece of land, you should always choose a company with the best reputation. Not only do we get the job done, but we get it done right! There is no project too big or small for our expert team.

Demolishing wood railing
Demolishing spare wood house.
Demolishing stone wall.

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As a property owner in Ottawa, you no doubt want to do everything in your power to protect and enhance your property. This means that, whenever improvements are needed, it’s important to choose the right team. We work closely with each client to ensure that the results are those they desire. No matter how small, we pay attention to every detail and we encourage our clients to ask as many questions as needed before we get to work.

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Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at some of our most recent demolition and excavation projects in Ottawa here. When you are ready to get started, give our team a call and we will be more than happy to discuss all of your options, offer advice and provide you with a free quote.

Demolition is the dismantling of structures, machines, plumbing or other things. This can be done manually or with heavy machinery. Excavation is the process of getting rid of soil to either expose what’s underneath it or to make a hole in the ground for any number of reasons including utility installation and foundation excavation.

There are many advantages to demolition. Demolition can be done for several reasons such as renovation, replacement or just to make room for something new. Typically, these structures are old and outdated but due to their size it would be too expensive to move them elsewhere. 

One of the biggest advantages of demolition is how quickly it takes place. Buildings require years of planning before even breaking ground; however, with destruction this isn’t necessary anymore because the process only takes weeks or months (depending on its size). Once an owner has obtained the proper permissions and all necessary paperwork, demolition can begin. Demolition is also cost efficient. Renovating, moving and restoring a building can be quite expensive and time consuming. This is why demolition has become so popular as it’s relatively cheap and the results are immediately visible. 

As well, it’s environmentally friendly. Normally when buildings are demolished, at least some of the material is reused in order to recycle and keep costs down. This is beneficial for the environment because less materials are sent to landfills. A lot of material such as steel, brick, concrete and wood can be reused or recycled which means it can be put to use elsewhere rather than sitting around in a landfill where it will just take up space. And of course, a great advantage is demolition creates jobs. Renovations can be very expensive which means they need to be done correctly. This results in the hiring of many people to make sure everything is completed right and on time. This is definitely beneficial for those looking for employment!

Any project that requires the foundation and footings to be repaired, renovations, or new construction needs excavation and demolition. This can include:

  • Swimming Pool Construction – excavation is needed so the pool foundations can be installed properly
  • Gravelling – for driveways, pathways and garage floors there is a need for excavating of the area followed by graveling which fills it back in with rocks and materials such as clay, sand, etc.
  • Excavation – even smaller projects such as sheds require major excavation work because it is extremely heavy work that must be done correctly. Hiring professionals to do this allows everyone involved peace of mind knowing their projects will turn out perfectly. A few examples of other small projects include: patios/decks, small retaining walls and sheds.
  • Retaining Walls – even the smallest of projects require excavation work
  •  House Demolition – removing an existing house to make way for a new one or renovation
  • Foundation Cracks – fixing foundation cracks needs complete excavation of the area which will allow for patches to be made to repair damage. This also requires proper backfill with gravel, etc…

We care for our clients and know how important it is to go the extra mile to ensure they remain satisfied with the work we do. Our customers choose us because we’re fast, reliable and offer extremely competitive rates. As well as our experience in doing the work, we also have an excellent understanding of what projects require permitting approval before being able to start your project safely, on time, and within your budget.

There are many pieces of equipment – both machine and manual – used for excavating. Excavators, buckets, shovels, trenchers, tampers… Just to name a few! Some of the machinery used for excavating includes backhoes and front-end loaders. Backhoes, which are also known as excavators, use a ripper and clamshell bucket. This type of machine mainly uses hydraulics to operate. Front-end loaders, on the other hand, dig through lugs that raise loose soil without having to use a ripper. The dirt is piled up by the bucket of the loader and then moved by another vehicle such as an end dump truck or trailer.