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There is no substitute when it comes to quality landscaping, and our stamped concrete services are no exception. When you are ready to invest in the curb appeal of your Ottawa home, call 2 Queens Home Services for professional installations and outstanding customer service. For fast, affordable, and quality stamped concrete, you can rely on 2 Queens.

We always work and communicate closely with our customers to ensure that the results exceeds their expectations, while finishing the project on budget and on time.

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Textured Concrete at an Affordable Price

2 Queens Home Services is always trying to give you the best possible price for our landscaping services. Our stamped concrete solutions are some of the best in Ottawa, with affordable rates and genuine prices that work for homeowners. We offer a number of different kinds of stamped, textured, and imprinted concrete solutions depending on your needs. 

Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a small town homeowner, our stamped concrete services can get you that amazing tiled appearance at a fraction of the price of other installation methods. Whether you need a new driveway, patio, or walkway, we have the best products and designs for you. Contact us today to see if stamped concrete is right for you, and for a free estimate for your potential landscaping project. 

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We encourage you to take a look at some of our recently completed stamped concrete installation projects. Get inspired and let us know once you have found the design of your dreams. We will be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Stamped Concrete Ottawa: Slate

Looking to create that classic interlocking slate tile apperance at a fraction of the normal cost? Stamped concrete from 2 Queens Home Services is perfect for you!

Stamped Concrete Ottawa: Flagstone

Flagstone is a gorgeous and lucrative look for any home exterior. Using concrete stamps, we can recreate that look for you anywhere, for a great price.

Stamped Concrete Ottawa: Brick

Brick making and laying can be expensive, but concrete stamps aren’t! Get that brick pattern for your residential or commercial space with concrete stamps!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is a method of concrete pouring and patterning that allows very typical concrete to look like other materials. This is often done to save on costs, as concrete is an extremely low-cost material. Stamped concrete is created by applying special colouring to the concrete mix, then pouring and stamping the material with specialized tools while the concrete is still wet. After some detailing work and finishing touches, the concrete can mimic nearly any building material!


Can you make stamped concrete look like flagstone?

Yes, stamped concrete can easily be made to look like flagstone, and at a fraction of the cost. Stamped concrete has come a long way in mimicking natural stone and masonry materials with several different techniques that can be used for customizing simulated flagstone through different colours, textures, and shapes. Flagstone is a very dynamic type of paving, with many different options for stone sizes and dimensions- even so, stamped concrete can be made in any shape to match the material and give your yard a beautiful look.

Can you make stamped concrete look like bricks?

Yes, you can have stamped concrete that looks like bricks for a fraction of the cost of normal bricklaying. Stamped Concrete has come along way, creating the look of natural stone and masonry materials with several different techniques available; this includes customizing simulated brick through color options as well as textured surfaces – even shapes! The quality is high because it’s made from an assortment or sizes depending on what look is desired.

Can you make stamped concrete look like wood?

Yes, absolutely! Stamped concrete can even mimic the appearance of wood, despite their vast differences in composition. With the proper expertise, colouring, and materials, stamped concrete is indistinguishable in appearance from normal wood. Creating patios, paths, or decks from poured and stamped concrete is completely possible, cost-efficient, and fast. Contact 2 Queens Home Services to ask about our affordable concrete stamp options!

What other kinds of materials can you mimic with stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete can recreate the appearance of most typical building materials, at a fraction of the cost. Flagstone, slate, brick, rock, cobblestone, and even wood can all be mimicked using specialized colourings and powders. To find out exactly what 2 Queens has to offer in terms of patterns and designs for concrete stamps, call us today at (613) 518-2511.

How much does stamped concrete cost?

Stamped concrete is extremely affordable when compared to typical building materials and methods, as concrete is inexpensive to produce and even more cost efficient to pour. Brick or cobble laying takes hours to perform, and is highly laborious to do properly. Concrete pouring is simple, easy to adjust on site, and needs less labourers when compared to other methods.

If you want beautiful paving at an amazing price, consider concrete stamping for your home exterior! Contact us today to get a free estimate on your different exterior design projects. 

Is stamped concrete better than other materials?

Stamped concrete is an amazing and affordable option for creating beautiful paved spaces outside, but it isn’t perfect. Remember that due to the process of pouring and stamping concrete to create the appearance of other materials, stamped concrete is technically made from a single slab of pavement.

This means if a crack or dent is made in the concrete from high foot traffic or heavy objects moving over it, repairing a slab of stamped concrete can be more difficult than swapping a single brick or wooden board. Additionally, recreating the exact same colour to replace part of a stamped concrete slab is very difficult, as the colour is mixed and created on-site the day the concrete is poured. In areas that face a lot of sporadic weather conditions, especially snow and ice that can seep into cracks and expand, it is worth considering typical paving services with 2 Queens Home Services as opposed to using a single concrete slab. This is usually only pertinent to areas that have heavy loads going over them often, such as your driveway.

Regardless, if you want an affordable and fast paved surface, stamped concrete is still an amazing option for low-foot-traffic areas with a lower weight load. 

How do I get stamped concrete?

Want to get fast, affordable stamped concrete that looks absolutely stunning? 2 Queens Home Services can help- simply call us and describe your vision for a beautiful paved space, and our team will create a plan for getting you the perfect stamped concrete pattern and style. We have everything you need for stamped concrete in Ottawa, so call us today for a free estimate!